Why our solution?

Our software consists of several different analyses that are critical for supply chain optimization. Our solution is cloud based so there is no need for installation or integration with other systems. This means that our users can start using our software within a couple of days. Our analysis can be done daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. We only have one plan which means that our users get full access to all our analyses.

Supplier management

By using our analysis, you ensure long lasting relationship with the right suppliers. Having a healthy supply base is crucial to have a well performing supply chain. We can help you by reducing risks and enhancing opportunities within your supplier’s base.

  • Supplier evaluation helps you gain overview of your supplier performance and identify supplier risks.
  • Supplier card will help you understand suppliers data and provide negotiation leverage with our unique dashboard reports.
  • Spend analysis has a 3-level breakdown that will help you visualize suppliers spend in details and identify cost saving opportunities.
  • New supplier checklist is a tool for introduction of new suppliers. New suppliers are crucial and needed to challenge the current supplier base.
  • Categorization matrix suppliers will ensure right supplier in right category and even help with category strategy selection.
  • Goal module is our way for continuous improvements. Comparison of 2 analysis and goal setup makes result measurement possible.

Item management

A lot of companies are struggling with their item management. This field of operations is large and very time consuming. Our item analysis ensures control over companies spend, cost reduction, item categorization and strategies for item management optimization.

  • Spend analysis provides an overview of spend data on both top and detailed level. Understand the spend, choose strategy and save.
  • Categorization matrix items classifies items in categories and provides suggested category strategies. By using this matrix, a company can better understand the potential profit in relation to the supply chain weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
  • Quotation evaluation is comparison of quotes and benchmark in order to determine the most suited supplier according to conditions. Our supplier head to head evaluation on item level provides a great overview and makes benchmark very easy.
  • Item card gatherers important stats and analysis in one dashboard. Item card can be used for stock optimization, product development, cost reduction or comparison of implementing different strategies.
  • Goal module with activity list and analysis comparison is used for continuous improvements. Our saving calculator will help you achieve one of the most important KPI:s within procurement.