Supplier & Item card

Supplier and Item cards gathers important reports and analyzes in one dashboard. Tables, graphs and free notes makes these cards very easy to read and user friendly. Gathering information and data from several different databases or systems can be very stressful and time consuming, our cards provides everything you need within minutes. Sharing the cards within your organization helps you and you colleagues to be more efficient. Make sure that you have the right cards when your need them.

These cards can be used for supplier negotiations, product development, cost reduction or comparison of implementing different strategies.

Supplier card gives an overview of:

  • Detailed supplier reports.
  • Supplier items analysis.
  • Delivery performance.
  • Supplier categorization.
  • Supplier evaluation.
  • Notes and strategies.
  • Can be shared with suppliers.

Item card gives an overview of:

  • Detailed item reports.
  • Supplier prices comparison.
  • Price development analysis.
  • Delivery performance.
  • Item ranking.
  • Item categorization.
  • Notes and strateies.