Story About Supply Chain Cards

How it all began

A lot of successful companies were founded on principle of great ideas. We had an Idea of offering the customers a software solution that consists of most effective and proven supply chain analysis that cannot be found in any other software. All that with easy to use interface and no pre-knowledge requirements. With our expertise and suggested strategies, you do not have to be an expert to optimize your supply chain.

Our solution today

We believe that our software is unique and that there are no similar products in the market. Our cloud-based platform allows companies of all sizes and across all industries to quick and easy analyze and optimize their supply chain at a reasonable cost. Our software is flexible in many ways, so our clients can adapt it to their own needs. We provide our customers with knowledge and strategies for future Supply Chain challenges. We are helping companies with strategic decisions, tactical planning and operational day to day actions on a single platform.

Statement of the CEO

Procurement is a complex and important part of every company. Both direct and indirect costs have a large impact on companies profitability and therefore it is important to keep track on them. I think everyone should have the opportunity to structure and optimize their procurement quick and at a reasonable price. We are neither a traditional consulting company nor a software company but a comprehensive partner within the procurement and supply chain that focuses on a partnership. We provide our customers with knowledge, tools, resources and advices.

Our values are affordable, innovative & flexible and they are the foundation of everything we do.”

Oliver Milovanovic

Founder & CEO

Oliver milovanovic


Our vision is to become one of the most innovative companies within Supply Chain analytics solutions. We strive to become global software and consultant company.


We are passionate to develop & deliver the most innovative solutions and provide our customers with necessary strategies for Supply Chain optimization.